Save the Veterinary Profession

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Welcome to Save the Veterinary Profession!

We are a grassroots movement started by a group of veterinarians concerned about the future of the US veterinary profession. Our profession is facing many challenges and it is essential that we have strong leadership to ensure a healthy and independent profession. The organization that we currently have to advocate for us (AVMA) is no longer fulfilling its primary mission of protecting and promoting the US veterinary profession. They continue to pursue policies that are not only potentially detrimental to our profession, but they also have abandoned their mission to serve the membership.  AVMA is no longer listening to its members and is out of touch with the memberships needs and concerns.


Our goal is to persuade AVMA to listen and return to its primary mission of protecting and promoting the US veterinary profession.  We have tried to engage AVMA directly through their website and NOAH boards and have had no success in even opening a dialogue to express our concerns.  To this end we have decided to start a petition to address what we feel are the most pressing issues facing our profession.  We hope that AVMA will recognize our concerns and act accordingly. If enough veterinarians sign the petition AVMA will be mandated to listen.

On this website you will find a link to our petition on and many useful articles that provide the necessary background material to fully understand our concerns. We also have started a Facebook page for you to express your opinions. 

AVMA exists to serve its membership.  Can we really say that is true today?  

 AS Kevin Dajka, DVM, the Director of membership and field services division of AVMA has stated;

"AVMA encourages members to evaluate what they are getting for their dues dollars"

Do you feel you are getting value for money from AVMA?

Do you feel that AVMA truly represents its membership?

Do you feel AVMA can provide good leadership for our profession?

If the answer to these question is no please sign our petition and post on our Facebook page.  We need to make our voices heard.  AVMA has stopped listening.