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Recent comments;

The leadership of the AVMA needs to hear directly from the membership it is chartered to represent. The recently released Veterinary Workforce Study clearly states that there is an excess capacity of veterinarians which will lead to disappointing careers for many current and future veterinarians. The AVMA's current uniform response is there is nothing to be done. Let the free market system fix the problem. Well, part of the freedom we have is to find new leadership with more vision and courage than the current board.

Frank Marchell

We are making it possible for ever increasing numbers of young people to enter our profession at great expense to themselves. With this ever increasing number comes fewer and fewer employment opportunities, making it difficult for them to repay their educational loans. The oversupply (excess capacity) pushes salaries down as new graduates seeking employment are taking jobs for less money than in years past. In addition, the oversupply spreads the available client and patient base so that each practice sees fewer pets and subsequently lowers the income of the practice owner. Some of this excess capacity (oversupply) winds up in low cost environments which by their very nature, diminish the value of veterinary medicine to the detriment of us all.

Richard Headley

As a member for 30+ years, it has become apparent that the organization is no longer representing/listening to its members about concerns that are foremost

Karen Corner

The AVMA has lost all credibility in my eyes. As soon as they turned a deaf ear on its members and lost sight of its mission statement they made it clear which side of the profession they stood on.

Eric Cohen

The veterinary profession is in crisis and our elected and nominated leaders refuse to recognize and address the problems within the profession. We need a unified, dedicated and knowledgable AVMA - an organization that does not exist as such at this point.

Mary Songster

Like many of my colleagues, I am experiencing decreased wages, extreme student loan debt that is crippling my future and it's getting harder and harder to make ends meet due to the oversupply of veterinarians.

Alondra Velez


In 2013, the evidence is clear and unequivocal that we are graduating too many small animal veterinarians for current market conditions. Tuition and debt are at an all time high and continuing to soar. Each year's graduating class of new DVMs has an increasingly hard time finding employment with dropping wages.

If the AVMA truly supports the veterinary profession, they need to take the lead in shaping policies to fix these problems. They need to state in no uncertain terms that we currently are graduating a surplus of private practice veterinarians (particularly small animal and equine) who are having difficulty finding jobs. They to pass a moratorium on future foreign school accreditation. And they need to work to increase demand through aggressive PR efforts that raise public awareness of the importance of veterinary care to human and animal welfare.

Eric Fish

I am saddened that I must tell high school and pre-vet students to re-evaluate their desire to be a veterinarian. The economics of veterinary educational debt and expected income simply do not mesh. The AVMA has no business in the accreditation arena. I love my job, and wish to see the AMERICAN Veterinary Medical Association represent me.

Michael Goldmann

The AVMA doesn't reflect the reality of practicing veterinarians. This needs to be fixed.

Heather Herrington

I would like to see the American VMA focus more on what is important here in America for veterinarians. The significant resources and effort spent on foreign accreditation and spinning the semantics of "excess capacity" is frustrating for this recent graduate veterinarian married to veterinarian with a combined family veterinary debt close to $400,000. I'd like to see the AVMA more concerned with practical matters that effect everyday veterinarians -- like helping to raise national awareness of the value of veterinary services and strongly discouraging this continued excess veterinary school expansion which will continue to weaken the American veterinary profession.

Anthony Bartels

As a recent grad (DVM 2011), I have quickly become disillusioned with the job market/prospects and debt load. This is not what I was lead to expect by the leadership in the profession or my school. I feel lied to. I am not a naive girl dreaming of playing with puppies and kittens all day. I am realistic and business-minded. I love my job, but I hate my debt. I am not alone.

Kate Holbert